Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hacked Off

It almost always happens when I come to New Zealand, but I forgot that it would.

That simple two hour difference in time is just enough to totally mess up my body clock. That, plus the inevitable drowse on the flight over, means I am wide awake till the wee hours and lose much of the morning. And since LK suffers from jet lag much worse than I do, we basically lost our first morning here.

By late morning we had finally surfaced and around noon we were feeling the effects of not having had dinner the night before so the four of us walked into the CBD to find a restaurant.


Oh dear. Would you believe that some malicious software stepped in at this stage of the post and took over my computer? It would not let me get back to blogger.com to finish it off, and every time I typed it in, I ended up with some site promoting adventure tours, etc.

I quit Firefox and tried Safari, but it was a network-wide thing and not just linked to the browser. The only solution was to shut the pc off and reboot. It cleared the crap out of the system, but I had lost most of the post. Add in that I am feeling insecure that something could have been planted on the pc, and I am not in the mood to stay on line much more.

So - a quick recap of yesterday and today. After a very tasty lunch in Christchurch - along with a bottle of Cloudy Bay to complete the symmetry from lunch at Lee's on Sunday - we wandered a bit under a very strange sky with bright blue on the horizon and a canopy of darker clouds hovering overhead.

Jaki and Robert wandered off the botanical gardens but LK and I opted for computer time, reading emails and booking ahead for the rest of this week and some of next. Then a nice dinner outside a Christchurch restaurant last night and our day was done - although after midnight, which was late for this group.

Today we drove to Lake Tekapo. OK, we mostly drove to Lake Tekapo and backtracked about 7 miles when I went past the turn. It's gorgeous, and I will post pictures and more about it tomorrow.

For now, it's been frustrating to have the malicious crap happen to the pc, and I think I will call it a night. Oh, but not before a bit of celebration that Syracuse is now ranked No 1 in basketball. Go Orange.

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