Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photo Ops

Well, the cruise portion of our year of travelling massively has come to an end.

It was a pretty amazing experience - not least because the ship we were on in the Mediterranean kept playing the theme song from the Poseidon Adventure. But also because we got to see so many places we'd never visited before.

The first 24 days - on Azamara from Singapore through Thailand, India, Dubai and Egypt to arrive in Athens - were hot, often humid and in places that don't have much in common with Kansas. The 10 days on Mykonos were wonderful, with fantastic, warm weather and beautiful views. The final 10 days -- cruising the Mediterranean on Oceania from Istanbul to Lesbos, Ephesus, Santorini, Malta, Tunisia (the artist formerly known as Carthage), Cinque Terre and ending in France -- were much cooler.

In fact, I don't know who the woman is in that photo, but I took her picture because I believe it showed that some people feel they have paid for a cruise and they're going to lie by the pool no matter what the weather is like.

There isn't much to wrap up about the trip. I think the only place I didn't do a post was Cinque Terre. That's the lovely place on the northwest coast of Italy with villages high in the cliffs above the crystal clear sea. It's the practice for tourists to walk from one to the other. After LK and I did our bit there climbing up and down more than this guy is used to, I was waaaaay too tired to even think of writing. Anyhow, the important thing about Cinque Terre is the views, so enjoy the pictures.

And that is now possible because I have caught up with all the pictures I couldn't upload with the ships' lousy internet connections. I've created a Shutterfly share site with the albums from our trip. You can get there by clicking here or just typing in

I doubt if our kids would recall, but if you go to that page I bet it will remind you of days gone by when a friend would come back from a holiday. They would come for a visit, and we'd pull out the slide carousel and screen to see their pictures. It took a long time to get through them all - partly because of the narrative that went with every picture but also because inevitably a quarter of them were upside down.

Now, of course, you just open a web page, click on slideshow and off you go. And the best part is you don't have to listen to me drone on about what you're looking at.

Road trip starts tomorrow.


PS Looking at that picture of Julia Child in the post below, LK suggested that if she were bald and had a moustache she would look just like me. Actually, she said if I had curly hair and no moustache, I would look just like Julia. I point it out to show you the sort of things I deal with every day.

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