Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I woke up last night and went in search of the bathroom. Only, in my semi-awake state, I had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar, I couldn't get any sense of orientation. Finally I woke up enough to notice the boxes stacked to the ceiling and the tumblers in my brain fell into place. Great, I thought, after six months I finally sleep in my own home and when I wake up I have no idea whatsoever where I am.

When we went to bed last night LK had wondered if we would be able to move today. Unfortunately, we were, but tomorrow is really looking dicey.

I say unfortunately because we must have emptied more than a hundred boxes so far, and most of them went today. Those of you who know LK pretty much know that when she's on a mission she doesn't rest. Well, that compulsive nature was in full evidence today. She whirled through the house, moving things from one place to another and sending me a steady stream of empty boxes to break down.

By the end of the afternoon, she astonished me by having the kitchen in full running order - including taking delivery of two (2!) different online grocery orders to round out the large load we bought on Tuesday. In three days we now have spent most couples' quarterly food budget, but our cupboards do not look as if we have just moved in. Mission accomplished.

While LK was working her tail off making the house suitable to live in, I attended to two very important jobs. First, I had to take a lot of boxes down to the basement because our crack delivery crew obviously decided that in the rain the much closer garage beat the further away basement hands down.

And the rest of my day was taken up with what may be the most critical action of the move. I emptied the boxes holding our wine and put it in the wine fridges. Actually, with more than 500 bottles, I can swear to the fact that this was a very real pain in the neck - and back and shoulders. Or as LK so sympathetically said to me a moment ago: "I don't think our past six months prepared us for this kind of work."

Anyhow, we have made great progress today. LK wins the Hardest Worker Award for the sixth straight day. (And is right now making meatloaf for dinner to add a little icing to the cake.) She has decided we are celebrating the start of our new home with a week of comfort food. I'm not complaining. And somewhere around the second bite of meatloaf I just might reward myself with some very old wine that I forgot we had.

More boxes tomorrow. And probably furniture shopping. (Don't ask.) And hopefully I will know where I am this time if I get up to pee tonight.

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