Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Tell You a Bad News

I have been spoofed, and any of you on my e-mail contact list probably know that already. It's bad enough that my friends and family have been sent malicious mail under my Hotmail account name, but even more distressing that the e-mail was so badly written.

Just in case you were one of those who was lucky enough not to get one of the phony e-mails, this is what it said (minus the website address to click through to):
Dear friends:
I tell you a good news!
I Buy 6 products china Apple Macbook Pro 2.8 GHz
15 MB986LL/A 4GB website.
I already received the product. And I above ebay, resell
these the product which purchases from China, I already
earned many money.
It's amazing! The item is original, brand new and has
high quality, but it's much cheaper. I'm pleased to
share this good news with you!
No matter what the e-mail says, I have to tell you it is not a good news. I don't know if the click-through site is malicious or just stupid enough to think people will Buy products china Apple because of this e-mail.

Obviously, this e-mail is not from me. For one thing, the writing is nothing like mine. For another, since I retired I have not earned many money. And despite my intentions upon retiring to make some money by selling things on eBay, I haven't done so. Therefore, it should be clear that I have not above ebay nor resold those the products which purchases from China.

I am a little distressed that my friends have been bothered by this nasty side of the Internet, but it is interesting which people felt it important to let me know my contact list had been misappropriated:

Jon, who used the opportunity to ask how we were doing in Tassie;
John, who just made fun of me for my poor writing skills;
and Michael, our financial planner managing our superannuation fund, who took the time to also suggest that I should let him manage even more of our retirement funds than he has already since I clearly cannot even control my e-mail.

And then today my old friend and boss David, who took the time to write. His message:

I see things have gotten pretty tough in retirement.
And in your depression, the current consumption of
alcohol is clearly affecting your English language
skills. It is sad to see old friends fall this far.
If I can help, let me know.
I appreciate his concern, but I don't know what he means about my English language skills. After all, I was only trying to tell him a good news!

And seriously, I have no idea how malicious that e-mail was, but if you received it and opened it you should probably have your security software scan your hard disk for nasties.

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Anonymous said...

Shit. I got a really good deal on that kit from China. I'm sure it will arrive any day. Your Engalnd woz wurthy of the front paige of one of the teck tittles hear in nz. Bob