Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Week in Review

LK has booked this trip and her research has yielded fantastic results, as the sites we've seen are fascinating, beautiful and at times jaw-dropping.

Today we drove from Monument Valley to Grand Junction Colorado, with a side trip to tour The Arches National Park in Utah, not far from the Colorado border. Oh, maybe it was just more rocks to look at - but oh what rocks. Some of the formations in this park make you wonder if the laws of gravity have been suspended, while others are fascinating arches or openings in very dense rock. Check out the pix at the travel site:

We've been driving a lot and doing the touristy thing so the posts are running way behind. So let me suggest that the best way to get a handle on the various things in the pictures is to check out the various park sites at Wikipedia.

And since I know I am unlikely to ever do a catch-up post and go into detail about our journey, here is the quickie recap of the past week:

Saturday - Monday. Las Vegas. We went to see Rod Stewart's show, and all three of us loved it. Surprised me, since I've never been a big fan of his. LK and I discussed a blog in which we list all the big rock stars who we didn't see until they were way past their peak (a lot) and those we saw before they became a big deal (only a few for me, a few more for LK).

Other than that, I can't write much more since it is apparently a strictly enforced law that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Tuesday. Zion National Park. Lovely big sandstone mountains inspired us --- to take a drink out to the hotel's hot tub and sit and look at them. As for the outdoors experience the next day, the choice was to either take the park shuttle around the canyon or hike in the 90+ degree heat. The shuttle was very comfy. Off that afternoon to Monument Valley.

Wednesday - Thursday.  The awesome beauty of Monument Valley experienced up close by staying at The View Hotel on the Navajo nation land. Compare the beauty of the structures in the valley with the terrifying fact that the entire area is an alcohol-free zone. First night was OK. We brought our booze into the room in our luggage and had such a good time sneaking a drink or two that we never quite got around to going to dinner. The next night was a different story. Shirley was reduced to drinking minibar-sized bottles of some blue fruit juice and vodka concoction. I had to fight LK over her scotch, which was still in ample supply. It's a good thing I won, because it would not have been pleasant to see monkeys hanging from the overhead lights.

Friday. A visit to The Arches National Park on the way to Grand Junction. The park was stunning and beautiful. So, too, was my favorite site in Colorado - a building with a big sign reading "Liquor Store".

Today we are taking what Tom has promised is one of the most beautiful drives we will ever take as we go over the mountains to get to Denver. Catching up with Tom tonight. Should be a good day.

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