Friday, August 3, 2012

Easy Riders

How easy was today?

We said good-bye to our new bff's Tony and David (for the fourth or fifth time), took a taxi to the Part-Dieu train station in Lyon, waited a while and then got on the 11am. Easy ride the whole way.

Got off on the second stop, the Charles de Gaulle Airport, and took the elevator up to the ground level. We were booked in the Sheraton Airport Hotel for our overnight. As we got off the elevator, LK pointed to a big sign saying "Sheraton" and there it was, just a few yards from where we were standing.

One of our little bags had ripped at the seams (probably my fault - can't imagine it has anything to do with LK stuffing every bag we own to bursting point) so we needed to find a shop to replace it. The concierge pointed across the lobby to a store just across the hall. Cheap duffel. Problem solved.

Staying here on points (frequent sleeper? for hotel programs) so it's all free. The room is big, the bed is bigger, and we're on our way home. We're even counting the hours until we get into the Very High Bed.

Singapore Air to Singapore then Melbourne tomorrow, overnight on Saturday since we will be too late to catch a connection and back in Hobie by noon Sunday.  I am sure it was a misprint on the web site that says the low temperature that day will be in the 30s.  (Fahrenheit, obviously)

I have uploaded our last batch of travel pix, but too tired to write captions. If you want to check them out, they're at the usual place:

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Welcome home! Well nearly home....W&J