Friday, November 6, 2009

Grumpy Old Me

LK and I are so over this selling-the-house thing. We are getting grumpy, feeling put upon and put out, and generally not enjoying it.

It's only been one week since we first opened the house for inspection, so perhaps it's good that the whole process only lasts three weeks. After only two viewing days, we're tired already of having to leave the house so people can poke around and look at our home. And we know many of them aren't even interested in buying, but are just nieghbors having a stickybeak.

Right now we are sitting out on the deck because we don't want to get in the way of the cleaners the agent wants us to use before the inspection day. Fair enough, at least we don't have to do the cleaning. But it is adding to a growing sense that the process of selling the house is definitely taking over from the satisfaction of living in the house.

On Tuesday one of the people who went through on Saturday asked to send in a building and pest inspector and also to have a chance to wander around and check out the house one more time. All very positive signs - they're spending money on inspectors, can't wait to get back to have one more look. We should have been happy. But when I told LK that night that I hated it and would not be here for any more of that sort of stuff, she said, "I can't believe you feel that way. It's exactly how I feel, too."

We both know that you have to let interested people send in inspectors. We did it when we bought this place. But knowing is one thing, feeling it is another. We're still at the stage of "This is our house and how dare you come in here tapping the walls and shining lights into the back of the cupboards and crawling into parts of the house we've never even been to."

And, of course, we know from experience that the building inspector's primary concern is to avoid a lawsuit for failing to detect a problem, so he diligently looks for every little thing about the house that may either be a concern now or maybe, who knows, some time in the future. For us, this is a wonderful place to live. For him, it's a great opportunity to find fault with all sorts of things - he's kind of like the Rush Limbaugh of tradespeople with an audience of one.

I think we will just have to let the agent handle this stuff if more people want to send in the inspectors. Anyhow, my laptop is running out of battery, and I am stuck out on the deck (I mean, undercover entertaining area) and cannot charge it. So I will just post this and shut down.

I hope someone buys this place soon. I am getting very grumpy.

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