Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phuket. Kind of.

It's very hot here in Thailand today, and we're at Phuket - which we have visited before. By the way, it's pronounced POO - KET, and not the R-rated version most of the Americans will have assumed.

This is really an R&R spot with beaches during the day and bars at night (so maybe that makes it a B&B spot instead). While the island is pretty, it's not pretty enough to check it out again in 95 degree weather (about 35C for the metric crowd). And looking at the rows of souvenir stands set up outside the ship hasn't made either of us re-think our decision to have a lazy day aboard.

LK's doing whatever they do at the thalasso pool, and I am here watching my Macbook Air refuse to boot, confirming my worst fear that it is in serious trouble and I am a gazillion miles away from being able to get it fixed.

Oh well, LK is poolside so I can use her Macbook Pro and read e-books and listen to the iPod on the mini-speakers we always bring along with us. And with plenty of time on my hands, I have experimented a bit further to figure out how to do videos.

So, with not much else to say - except that I know only about a billion people have also done the parody - here it is:

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