Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It's another glorious, warm summer day here in New Jersey. Everyone else had gone off shopping, and I was sitting under the umbrella at the pool playing online poker and listening to the iPod when Pretty Flamingo played. It made me smile, thinking of that long-ago time when LK had danced to it and said it was the best song ever.

And then I did the equivalent in my mind of saying, "Oh my God!" for I realized that moment happened on this trip, not in years past. We have now been traveling so long that the early part of the trip seems like a distant memory.

I suppose it's natural. After all, we haven't slept at home since February 12. Of course that's because we haven't had a home since then. It's not that the travels haven't been interesting and that the visits to friends and family haven't been great, but it really is getting to be a long time on the road.

Since we handed over the keys to our Greenwich house, we have slept in 51 different beds, including those on three different ships. (Of course I count the Spirit of Tasmania!) In fact we've been on two ocean liners and three different ferries, two trains, nine different flights, and have driven in eight different cars (not counting taxis).We have been in 15 countries and wandered around 59 different cities or towns.

Probably the amazing thing is that we're still speaking to each other. Or to be exact, we're both still finishing the other one's sentences.

I am absolutely not complaining. This trip has been a once in a lifetime thing. We've done it because we love to travel and once we realized we couldn't get into our home until August, it seemed like a great way to spend the time. But at the risk of becoming one of those people who complain about a good thing, we are both starting to smile like kids on December 24th when we think about once again climbing into our very own very high bed.

I can honestly say that we are ready to head home. To be precise, to our new home.

And in the meantime, sitting around a pool and counting up all the good things we've done in the last five months isn't a bad way to spend the last week on the road.

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