Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Cheer

What a great holiday! Christmas Day itself was wonderful - LK, Peg and I drove over for gift-giving and breakfast with Sandy, Dave and Jordan, then back to Peg's for a couple of hours so LK could start packing for our departure on Boxing Day. You know, stuff like underwear, shirts, two rugs, rug pads and curtains for every window in our house. We are traveling light this time.

Then back last night for a gourmet feast. LK made the soup, and Sandy outdid herself with a roast tenderloin, super yummy brussel sprouts, potatoes that would make Dr Agatston blanch. Dave made very large martinis to start and we drank some great wine - barolo and brunello de montalcini. It was all so good, but I am still trying to figure out why I have this newfound love affair with brussel sprouts.

The evening was capped with a great sporting event. No, not the Heat beating the Lakers - and we won't even mention the Celts losing to the Magic. Nope, this event was the Dyer Girls going one-on-one in Wii Bowling. But that is worth another post.

And the very best part of this Christmas was that we talked with so many people we love. Over the two days we connected with Ben, Tom, Matt, Jason, Lily, Rachael and of course my folks in Rutland. Gotta love this time of year.

Today we are scheduled to fly back to Oz. The only problem is that we are set to fly into Washington for our connection, and it is on the edge of what is shaping up to be one monster blizzard. We keep monitoring the situation, and it looks like we can get in and out. But in a winter where Team Mother Nature has built up a huge first quarter lead, I am not sure our side can rally.

Let's just say that if we do get in and out of Washington, we should make our LA flight. In which case, no more posts for a day or two.

And if we get stuck in some airport for the better part of a day, then expect a post only slightly shorter than War and Peace as I cope with the grinch of winter weather. It is a case where no news will be good news.

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Why is it that every time i post a comment, only every second one stays here?! Yesterday i said welcome home - among other things but it doesn't appear to be here? Weird! J&W