Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Naming Rights

What is it about the common cold that makes us spend so much time tracing its lineage, assigning ownership and blame?

Now that LK has discovered the joys of sneezing and wheezing and coughing, she has declared to me and anyone else who will listen, "Don gave me His Cold."

I have reminded her (gently, for she was not feeling well) that I would never "give" her something so vile as a bad cold. She must have taken it from me. In fact, probably while I was asleep.

I don't think my arguments are having much impact, though, for later in the day I heard Peg on the phone telling her sister that LK had "Don's Cold." Seriously, it's not mine. I only borrowed it for a while. From Walt.

Even LK saw that when I first became ill, telling me that I must have caught Walt's Cold. So, let's stop this Don's Cold stuff and keep this ownership issue straightforward:
1. The cold is Walt's, not mine.
2. I didn't give it to LK. She took it.

There is one other thing. If Peg, Sandy, Dave or Jordan starts feeling a scratchy throat or noticing a runny nose this week, they should know. It's LK's Cold they have caught, and they should feel free to tell everyone that Linda gave them her cold.

I mean, it's not like they've seen Walt lately.

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