Monday, March 7, 2011

Beware the Chides of March

I have been getting chided this week for not producing the goods.

Let me see if I can come up with an original excuse for not writing sooner.

How about I am a lazy slob who just couldn't be bothered?

Funny, isn't it - but of all the excuses I could have come up with, that is probably the one you believe automatically.  The truth is I have been meditating and undergoing detox and liver cleansing and I wanted to devote all my attention to improving my physical and mental health.

Yeah, I know. You still choose lazy slob who can't be bothered.

Anyhow, Jason and Laura (aka Lora) have been here for the past five days and it was a real joy to have the kids here. (Kids being relative, of course. In probably the same way that my parents still think of me as a kid. And they don't even drink much!)

Anyhow, Tassie cooperated brilliantly. We had some lovely autumn days, the sun shone when it should have and the beautiful sparkling water views let us charge the kids an extra $25 a night for their room.  Although I think Jay may have figured things out when he said to just put it on his tab and he would sort it out when the estate was settled. (No. He didn't say that. I am just in that kind of mood and desperately hoping to get your mind off my slackness.)

Anyhow, while we've been having a ball with all our visitors, it's not been the sort of eventful activities that give me heaps of new stuff to write about. And I don't think anyone really wants to read a fifth or sixth review of the Red Velvet Lounge - even though it deserves that many raves.

So, this should get a few people off my case. Peg chided me (via LK) about not posting, so consider this a post. My mother has chided me for, oh, several weeks for not putting up some pictures of the house - and especially one of the exterior. So here you go with that, too.

Now if I could just get LK to stop chiding me about the state of the underwear I give her to wash life would be darn near perfect.

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