Thursday, March 31, 2011


So what's with the new picture on the right?

Well, as we move toward our self-imposed deadline of holding a garage sale in 10 days, yesterday we finally arrived at the boxes that contained all our old pictures. You may remember the kind that you put in little albums to view rather than clicking on the Slideshow button on Shutterfly.

From a deadline perspective, this was an easy one. The boxes just needed to be brought down to the closet off the family room downstairs. There was nothing to sort through because none of these pictures were going to be sold or thrown away. Quick and easy work.

A few hours later LK was still sorting through them.

"It will make it easier to sort them by older pictures before we were together and newer ones since then," she explained.

When I explained that it really didn't matter if we sorted the pictures so long as we got them stored downstairs, she smiled her not quite "I-pity-the-fool" smile and told me, "No, it makes more sense to do them now."

I saw where this was heading. Unpacking was playing second fiddle this day. I grabbed the secaturs and went out and cut the deadheads off most of the plants in our garden.

When I came back in, LK handed me that picture. It has always been one of my favorite shots. We were in Edinburgh for Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) about 13 years ago, and she took this picture of me in my dinner jacket and party hat.  I thought it was so funny we used it a year later as an invitation to my 50th birthday celebration.

The pictures LK set aside reminded me of so much that I had forgotten. I had forgotten that I was thin and she was a brunette when we married. I had forgotten that Streak was a cute ball of fur when we first got her, that the folks at Digital News put on a grand farewell party for us when we moved to Oz, that Walt shouldn't fall asleep wearing a swimsuit when there's a camera around.

Once we get past the garage sale, I plan to scan these photos so they can be shared and stored. It would be nice to think that I won't stick this plan on the back shelf along with all the others gathering dust there. Of course, spending the afternoon looking at old photos didn't help us get any closer to actually having the garage sale.

On the other hand, it was a really good idea.

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