Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bath and Beyond

What a hot weekend! Yesterday the temperature rose to 39C -  that's more than 102F for the folks in America.  Today we're going back up to 37 (99F). And the best news - we've been getting nice breezes off the water and even though it's very warm, it's not humid and definitely not unpleasant. Very best news - it is very comfortable sleeping.

The house doesn't have air conditioning, and it's pretty obvious that we would never need it after yesterday's near-record temps.

What the house does have, however, is a nearly-new guest bathroom. This was not on the cards. Or to be accurate, was not on my cards. I am not 100% sure about my beloved's cards.

Perhaps the best way to explain what has happened is to just list the thinking without elaborating:

1. LK points out that the shower cubicle in the guest bathroom definitely needs replacement. Since we have the cast and crew of Australia's Slowest Home Renovation in for the month doing the bathroom off the main bedroom, let's have them do that at the same time.

2. DK suggests that if they're going to do that, we may as well get a larger shower cubicle so XXL people can turn around.

3. LK agrees and adds that it is very economical to do the guest bathroom this way because we won't need to change the vanity or tile the floor or do any work with the plumbing.

4. We have a new vanity. They are tiling the floor. The plumber was in yesterday.

As you might guess, there were a few steps in between, but I doubt that anyone who knows us is surprised by the end result.

I am certainly not surprised.  Because we had exchanged toilets for the master bath, we had ended up with a $19 credit at the plumbing supply store. I knew at that moment that this would burn a hole in LK's psyche until she had to spend it. And I knew there aren't a lot of things at Mornington Plumbtec that cost only $19.

Anyhow, the guys were sweating away yesterday, working all Saturday to move things ahead. The master bath is 95% there now that the shower panel has been installed and the mirror mounted over the vanity. Only a few things like towel rings and toilet paper holders left to install.

The guest bathroom floor is 80% tiled. The shower walls and the backsplashes for the tub and (new) vanity need to be done, and then the glass for the cubicle installed. Then we bring in the painters and the carpet guys. 

It should happen fairly quickly. No, let me be precise. It could happen fairly quickly. But at the pace of this work so far I wouldn't be surprised if our hot late summer days are a distant memory and we're wearing wool and turning the heat up by the time it's done.

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