Monday, March 12, 2012

Joe's Gone

We haven't seen Joe for five days now, not since he put the finishing touches on the bathroom he renovated for us. Our lives seem a little empty without him. After all, he was here nearly every day for seven weeks and we grew quite fond of him.

Oh sure, I always knew this was just a summer thing that would end some day when Joe went on to other projects. And to be honest there is a limit to how many times in our lives we want our tiles laid or need a good grouting.

Rob the painter is here now, but it's definitely not the same. This is three or four days of slap and roll and then he too will stop coming around. And then there will be only one tradesman left, the guy who will put in the carpets.

But with only the bedroom and closet, there's no question it will be a quick lay and see-you-later on the way out the door.

Such is life with tradesmen in reno land - the center of your world for a while, then never to be seen again. But at least we have lovely memories of our times together:

The shower is great - but it's tough seeing much with the window reflecting on the glass panel

The room may never look so neat and tidy again, so enjoy

Not sure why they call it a vanity, but there you go

A throne fit for a king

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