Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Man of High Resolve

OK, no more excuses. Back to the blog posts.

I had a great excuse for not writing on Monday. The Super Bowl began a little after 10 in the morning, and by the time it was done much of the afternoon had slipped away, as well. It's still very strange to be drinking your last cup of morning coffee as they toss the coin for a football game. I know some people here who recorded it so they could have a proper beer and a bowl of chili with their game, rather than coffee and a croissant. But I hate watching recorded sports. Don't know why, especially if I don't know the score. But it just doesn't feel like the real thing.

No excuses for not posting yesterday. I did start writing some other non-blog stuff, and was pretty much done with any more writing when I finished. I will have to figure out how to switch from one mode to another. But I figure anybody who was once able to write corporate marketing material in the morning and "The Underpants Man" that night should regain that versatility in retirement.

Now that February is here it's probably a good time to check on the New Year resolutions I made. This will be quick.

First, I resolved to get a hair cut and not wear just t-shirts and shorts every day. I am probably getting a hair cut this week. I did wear a polo shirt and chinos three times last month - once to a friend's for lunch, once to the eye doctor and then to the Glen Hansard concert. So more or a less a tick mark for that one.

Resolution No 2 was starting the South Beach diet again. Big tick. Fortunately, the resolution required starting the diet, but it did not require staying on the diet. Otherwise my efforts might not count for much. I know it's nitpicking, but I treat New Year resolutions as legal documents and pick them apart like a lawyer hungry for a case. Anyhow, I did start the diet. Three days later I said to hell with the part about not having a glass of wine at night. Two days after that, the lure of potatoes overwhelmed me.

Resolution No 3 was that I would eventually start writing to all the people I should be writing to. In the spirit of legal technicalities, I never set a starting date so this one is still alive, even though I haven't written to anyone yet. I really plan to. Really.

So there you go. Looks like I did pretty well with these resolutions this year. Or to be more precise, I did pretty well writing them so that I could avoid feeling even the tiniest bit of guilt when I didn't bother to keep them more or less within a few days of making them.

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