Friday, October 2, 2009

Flipping My Wig

That's right. The Number 1 best-selling men's wig is called "Don". I am flattered.

The reason I know about this is because the Wall St Journal has a story this morning in which they test toupees and wigs from four different web sites. We can all remember that Rupert Murdoch promised there would be no changes in the WSJ's editorial approach if he bought it. But for the life of me, I cannot remember this staid business newspaper running stories like "Toupee Test: From Hair Hat to Good Match" before Rupe bought it.

I focused on the story because I have been fairly sensitive about this hair business since I got my super-close cut in Norwood a month ago. When I saw friends at Steve's lunch the other day, a few people said the hair cut was not that short. When I reminded them that it was now four weeks, though, heads nodded knowingly.

Reading the WSJ toupee test, though, got me wondering. In retirement I have changed so much about myself: I exercise more, write more, dress up less and drink the same. So why not go the full 9 yards and get a complete makeover.

Following the reporter's recommendations, I went to and selected three different looks.

The first is called "Boy-Cut", and I think it does bring an element of youthfulness to my otherwise old-looking face.

The middle is "DeNiro" and I can imagine walking down the street with that on my head and shouting at people, "You talking to me? Yeah, you. You talking to me?"

The third is "Peter". I have no idea why it's called that, but the idea of having curly hair intrigued me, and best of all it matches my moustache. I think it also makes me look a bit like an extra on The Sopranos.

Got to get back to the Wall St Journal. I am hoping they've tested the best quick weight-loss diets that let you still drink martinis.

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