Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time Trials

This is the fun part of selling our house.

Right now Brian is back working on the floor in the front bedroom. I say "back" because they finished working on it last Friday. Because of my back being sore, I didn't try to move anything back into the room until yesterday. That's when my foot went through the floor. Apparently, they had decided they could skip part of their work.

I called Brian who said he would come back yesterday to fix it, but having learned the ways of tradesmen, we were feeling incredibly lucky just to see him today.

When Brian showed up we were a little concerned that things might get hectic around here. Andrew and his team were scheduled to be here an hour ago to power-wash the house and then clean the windows. Make that 75 minutes ago, but LK just saw them pull up out front.

That leaves only the woman who was due 15 minutes ago to measure the rooms in order to draw up a floor plan to put on the web site when the house gets listed.

We thought that was her when the doorbell rang five minutes ago, but when I opened the front door there was an older woman who started out by introducing "her friend" who was a younger woman with a child. Since I didn't know any of them, I was wondering if the floor plan woman was a complete whack job who brought her buddies and their kids along on the job.

Turns out she wasn't the floor plan woman, but from a Christian outreach program. She wanted to talk to us about who to go to when we needed comfort and help with our problems.

I told her I used tradesmen for that. But as I sent her and her friend on their way, I couldn't help but think that out of everyone today she may have set the record. Surely, she is at least 40 years too late.

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