Saturday, December 26, 2009


Animal rights advocates protest against the treatment of geese raised for fois gras, the fancy French version of chopped liver. They protest because the bird is confined and has food forced down its throat in order to create a fat liver, which is after all what foie gras means.

I am beginning to understand how the geese feel. It is now 30 days since we landed here. Our first full day included a Thanksgiving feast at Bob and Deb's and last night included a magnificent Christmas dinner that Sandy prepared - crown roast of pork, stuffing, brussells sprouts, a pomegranate and arugula salad ... well, you're getting the idea. And in between we've had more breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks than I care to recall.

It seems like all I've done is open wide and swallow since we landed here. And I have even been really slack and haven't done my WiiFit exercises since we left Oz. In fact, about the only exercise I have had is walking to dinner when we were on the cruise ship.

I can honestly say that the wisest decision I have made this year was to buy pants with expandable waistbands.

I do think I need to do something about this girth of mine. Last night at dinner I discovered that a former neighbor of Peg's had asked her if I was still fat. Even taking into account that retired people develop new topics of interests, it surprised me that someone who barely knows me would be interested in my weight.

It reminded me of a tweet from director Kevin Smith I read the other day. He made me aware that I have passed the Point of Husky, turned left at Chubby Road and ended up in the neighborhood of Really Fat. Smith was doing a whole riff on "You know you're too fat when ..." and he got to "You know you're too fat when you own the airplane seatbelt extender that you used to be too embarrassed to ask for." And all I could do was visualize that little bit of belt sitting in the bottom of my cabin bag.

It is obvious I have to take another stab at dieting. Oh, not on on our last day here. And certainly not in the next week as we celebrate New Year in Honolulu. And I suppose it won't be practical to try to start in January with all the stress of getting the house cleared out. And Jaki and Robert are over in Oz all of February so that isn't going to be a good time. I suppose March is possible. Let's pencil it in.

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