Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye-bye 09

In the best tradition of news organizations around the world, I am taking advantage of New Year's Eve to write the laziest post possible - The Top Ten List. After 254 posts in 2009, I am pleased to tell you the ten most read entries of the year:

1. Politics as Usual (August 28). This is the one where LK and our friend Walt renew their commitment to spirited political debate. And remember, as far as each of them is concerned, they never lose.

2. Birth of a Notion (September 30). No idea why this trifle was widely read. Perhaps it is because I violated copyright and used a Dilbert character?

3. Bronze to Jorge (March 30). Our favorite reality TV contestant lost. And we were devastated. At least this started some e-mail correspondence with Jorge, which was the highlight of my fan mail. (OK, my only fan mail.)

4. Blog Block (May 3). It's easy to see why this one got read - I linked to many of my favorite blogs. And nine months later, it is interesting how few of these blogs I am still reading. Fickle me!

5. A Shaggy Don Story (September 4). The one where I got my hair cut. Seems everyone I know enjoys it when things don't work quite as I had hoped they would. My mother told me that when she the pictures, she laughed and laughed and laughed.

6. Elementary School (February 25). My first - and certainly not my last - post about fixing the toaster.

7. All at Sea (September 11). With little to do, we eat, drink and gamble on the ship. Which is pretty much what we do when we have lots to do.

8. Connie Francis Saves the Day (July 27). In which Don and LK play games in the car.

9. Bowled Over (May 18). A brief essay on how to cheat at Wii bowling.

10. The New York City Marathon (December 5). In which I describe a virtual death march in NYC ending in the terrifying place called Tiffany & Co. Still scary.

Happy New Year to all. We are spending New Year's Eve by driving to the northern beaches of Oahu to fill in the hours before we can start drinking without feeling totally dissolute. See you in 2010.

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