Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crater Lake

Our summer holiday continued today with a day trip to Crater Lake in Oregon. Jaki and Robert had visited the lake last July and thought it was one of the most beautiful places they have seen. Wanting to share it with us, they planned this trip away from the coast. What they didn't plan on was that most of Crater Lake's roads are still closed with snow, the winds were howling, a torrential downpour was relentless the entire day and the temperatures - the JUNE temperatures, I might remind you - were in the low 40s (figure about 6, my celsius-friends).

So far our trip up the coast of northern California and through the southern parts of Oregon has made a joke of the discussion LK and I had when we packed for our marathon trip. That's the discussion where I suggested it was April in the Indian Ocean, May in the Mediterranean and summer in the US. Who needed sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets?

OK, we're past all that, especially because LK is so enamored of her new "professional duty" jacket. Here are just a few pictures of our first week on the road if you wonder what life has been like for us, and remember - this is our SUMMER holiday:

And finally, I made a brief movie of our visit to Crater Lake today. I apologize for the sound quality, but there were several moments when the wind gusted so hard that it just took over the mike. And then were a few other moments when the rain and wind combined to make my voice go very high as certain parts of my body scrambled to get inside where it's warmer.

Oh, and a PS - I haven't got around to writing about our jetboat trip on the Rogue River yesterday. I will try to catch up on that tomorrow.

And a double PS. Sandy, your sister said to tell you that she will call you in a day or two but we are just finishing our plans off now. If any of the rest of you wish to use this blog for personal communication, feel free. Just let me know who you need to reach and what you need to say to them!

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