Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rogue River

I've had trouble writing the post about our jetboat adventure going up the Rogue River, starting in Gold Beach Oregon.

That may be because I had a ball that day - absolutely loved the trip. Perhaps it says something about me that I have troubles writing about stuff I enjoy but can turn out War & Peace Part II writing about things I don't like. Hmmm, maybe LK has a point when she says I'm getting cranky.

Anyhow, the solution to this problem is simple: write something quick, post lots of pictures and move on.

So - in keeping with a recurring theme of our "summer" holiday, it was cold that day - and got much colder when the jetboat went fast and water splashed on us. But it didn't matter.

The Rogue River is beautiful, and was one of the original rivers protected by federal legislation that prevented further development. So lots of wonderful scenery and heaps of critters.

This trip is close to being renamed as Miss Jaki's Northwestern Safari since we've seen so many animals. A herd of elk grazing and buzzards eating roadkill had been the highlight before the boat ride. But before we had even left the estuary, we saw two types of seals and an aviary-worthy display of birds from cormorants, ospreys, and the beautiful blue herons. Further down the river, we saw a wild turkey and a couple of bald eagles. One of the eagles even did us the favor of taking off right over our heads. And from the river itself, one fisherman showed us a couple of impressive salmon.

The driver knew a lot of things about the river and the wildlife. And far too many corny jokes. He also seemed to think that getting us wet was funny. Which it wasn't, but who's complaining?

I've posted some of the pictures at our Shutterfly share site.

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