Friday, October 29, 2010

The Cupboard Was Bare - But There

Cabinets growing on the grotty walls which really need their tiles
Good-bye pink insulation. And new floor Monday!
They are actually a bit ahead of their schedule, and the guys doing the cabinets are taking today off so the bench tops can be put in.

So far, except for losing electricity for a couple of hours due to a faulty power point plate, it has been seamless. LK and I just sit downstairs on the laptops or reading and when we go up at the end of the afternoon, there's new stuff to look at.

We will probably entertain ourselves today by driving down to the Red Velvet Lounge for lunch. That is if Harvey Norman delivers our dishwasher before noon. The dishwasher was supposed to be here Monday. But the sales guy put in the wrong date and it became Tuesday. The fridge and stove showed up all right, but no dishwasher. Apparently it was lost in the warehouse somewhere, but they found it Wednesday afternoon and we will have it today.

All that remains is the In-Sink-Erator and a new microwave, which have left the warehouse in Sydney but may not get here until the 8th. We are starting to get used to delivery times to Hobart.

In the meantime, I think both of us are ready for all of this to draw to a conclusion. Last night LK plugged in an electric fry pan we picked up since we have no way to cook indoors now, and it was pretty windy to think of a barbecue.

Probably noteworthy, though, is that she was using it in the garage and cooking in it on top of the washing machine. It reminded me ever so slightly of having to do our laundry out of the boot of the car a few months ago.

Sure, we understood that the renovation would be a great inconvenience during the two weeks it was happening. But for me it has brought home just how long it has been since we were sitting in a house that was, well, finished -  no cartons around, furniture in place, no cords and cables around, no holes in the wall waiting to be patched and painted, no stuff in the way that isn't supposed to be in the way. Settled.

Counting the time we got the Sydney house ready to sell, it's a little more than a year, but at least we see the finish line now (even if it is a mile away).

Of course, the long times to get things done are partly due to situations beyond our control and partly due to our travels. It's hard to get your house set up while lounging on the deck of a cruise ship. We understand that and we understand the need to make choices.

Which is why we are heading overseas the day after this kitchen is finished. Lights and painting can wait. We need another holiday!


Anonymous said...

Wow it already looks fantastic - so different from what we saw! Cant wait to see the finished product! Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Oops from Judy who is not usually anonymous!