Thursday, October 28, 2010

Notes from the Bunker

Reno Day 1: Gutted

Reno Day 2: Like Spring flowers, cabinets sprout from the bare ground


LK and I don't fight. We have discussions. You know, discussions where our voices get just a little louder and our sentences get just a little shorter.

Last night's "discussion" went a bit like this:

L: You haven't blogged. You need to blog.
D: I will get around to it.

L: No, you need to do it. You promised to track the renovation.
D: I believe I am retired. You know, as in, no bosses and no work hours anymore.

L: Blogging isn't work, and you need to do it.
D: You know, my mother just guilt trips me about not blogging. You're actually harrassing me.

L: Well, somebody has to. You need to blog about the renovation.
D: When I think of something to write about, I will. Right now, all I can think to say is that on the first day we went downstairs and when we came up later, there wasn't anything in the kitchen except for wall cavities full of pink insulation and dangling power outlets. And on the second day, we actually left the house when the workmen came, and when we came back there were the beginnings of some cabinets in place.

L: There's lots to write about. Write about how awful the first day was - how we were virtually trapped in the family room beause we had to be home to take delivery of appliances. Write about how we had no water for a couple of hours, and just when they turned it on, we lost electricity for hours, so we couldn't even take a shower.
D: Why don't you write it? You seem to have it down pretty well. Besides, you wrote one post ages ago, and it was the most-read post that year.

L: It's your blog. I'm just giving you suggestions for what to write and telling you that you need to post. And also, you need to get over the fact that more people read my post than any of yours.
D: I will write about the reno eventually, but I am tired tonight.

Pause for the evening. Sleep. Wake up the next morning. Turn on the heat in the downstairs room, make the coffee, walking upstairs to get water in the bathroom and milk from the fridge.

Sit down to check e-mail. Take first sip of coffee.

L: I thought of a start for your blog. You ended your last one saying we were going to run away downstairs. Why not start the new one with "Notes from the Bunker"?
D: (No reply. Began typing instead.)

The cupboards are bare. For one day, at least
No, not a toilet in the kitchen. The sink will overlook the Bay.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Already starting to look good! Love the curtains! Lol love to you both - will be in touch soon. Judy and Wally