Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mama's Boy

Dear Mama,

I know you've been unhappy that I haven't written a blog post for a week. How do I know? Well, mostly because you've complained about it three different times this week. And now I am getting seriously worried that all the work I have done to seem like a good son might go out the window just because I have had a lazy week.

So I am going to write this post even though I haven't solved the problem that caused me to not write anything this week. Namely, I can't think of anything to write about.

It's not like nothing has happened, but nothing very interesting has happened. Come to think of it, though, anyone who has read this blog before already knows that that isn't enough to stop me from writing a post. Maybe I've just gone super lazy, but this week I just never had a lightbulb go on over my head.

So instead of a post, I'm just writing this letter to tell you what's happened.

After Wally and Judy left Monday, we went online to see how you go about cleansing your liver. In the end, it seems like mine is never going to scrub up sparkling clean, so I've modified the goal to just give it a little rest. Starting Monday morning we're not going to have any drinks for a couple of weeks.

We've done it before, so I know I can do it. But if I start writing posts about wild monkeys swinging on the lights you should just ignore them and not worry that we are actually being attacked by the Wild Apes of Tasmania. And, hey, at least you won't be able to complain that I haven't blogged.

Tuesday morning the guy came to put in the carpet in the family room downstairs. Even though we'd gone to the store the week before and told them they would have to move the heavier furniture, he came alone.  I don't know if this means the guy at the store has poor listening skills or if he deliberately is messing with me. Nonetheless, I got to test out whether my Wii exercises actually were building up my upper body strength. Let's just say that on Wednesday I was glad I don't use my arms to walk.

The room looks good with the new carpet and the new paint job. Since it's where three of us watched the game last week, I think it should be called the Champion Magpies room, but LK doesn't see things my way, probably because she wasn't with us. So instead we're just calling it the Family Room, even though the Family is just LK and me.

Thursday we unpacked some stuff and Friday we moved some stuff around. And somewhere in the back of our minds is that we have to get as much stuff unpacked as we can because they sent the schedule for the kitchen renovation and it's coming in a couple of weeks.

And, oh yes, you will be happy to know that the Optusian Wars ended when I bought LK a new phone on Friday and she moved to another phone company. Come to think of it, I might save that story so I have something to write about tomorrow.

We're still loving Tassie. The weather here is gorgeous, the flowers and trees are all blooming, the grass is growing too fast, and it's really nice to once again have a real spring where so many things pop back to life.

Talk to you tomorrow.



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