Monday, January 24, 2011

Fat as a Pancake

There was a sweet surprise in my e-mail inbox this morning - a very sweet surprise. Sandy had shared a recipe using that best of all the social networks,

It was called David Eyre's Pancake, but LK and I already knew this one under its other name - the Dutch Baby. That's what they called it at the Original Pancake House in Delray Beach, Florida. And that's just about all we ever ate when we went there.

I am pretty sure the Dutch Baby was a contributor to the fact that my waistline grew more quickly than a tropical storm during the six months I worked in Florida. I guess the ribs and conch fritters at both Tom's and Tom Junior's and the biscuits at L&M may have helped, too.

It's funny that I can barely remember the work I was doing down there but my mouth starts to water when I think of that food. Pavlov's pups had nothing on me.

The David Eyre/Dutch Baby Pancake is one of the simplest dishes in history. Flour, milk, eggs, butter, sugar and half a lemon. My hunch is the lemon was added so it would have at least one item that gets the tick of approval from the Heart Association, but it offers the perfect mix of flavors with all the sugar.

Food52 tracks  recipe to the 1966 New York Times cookbook, when the paper changed its slogan from "All the news that's fit to print" to "All your pants won't fit after this". I am pretty sure this yummy treat has been around a lot longer than that, though.

Anyhow, Sandy's message on the e-mail was succinct: "This is an OH MY GOD breakfast recipe. We had it this morning! Love you guys!"

Oh my God, indeed, but now that they have discovered the Lord in a plate of dough and sugar, I worry that Sandy and Dave may just start looking a bit like me by the time we see them later this year.


Anonymous said...

Um breakky at Easter? Please?

Anonymous said...

Ok 4 days is pushing it - but a week??!!
Hello - anyone home?