Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Wait Problem

Today I am reminded of Gaudi's masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

I am not thinking of this amazing building because of its unique architecture or dazzling beauty. I am not even thinking of it because Linda and I had such a wonderful day when we went there a few years ago.

No, today I am thinking about Sagrada Familia because construction of the cathedral, which began in 1882, only passed the halfway point last year. Yep, 128 years and they're finally thinking it might get finished eventually.

Which is a bit more certainty than I am have with our renovation project.

Sure it's a little tough to complain that it isn't complete when we blew the stop-work whistle in November and took off for seven weeks. But when we returned, the work that remained looked like it coule be wrapped up pretty quickly.  The plumber/gas fitter needed to connect the stove and the ice maker in the fridge. The electrician needed to hang the rest of our new lights. The painters had to paint.

It started well. Pete the electrician came out within a week and worked a solid five hours before calling it a day with most of the lights in. Most, of course, meant that he had to come back in a week to put in the last few.

Simon the plumber came right away. He and I brought the stove in from the garage, and he connected it to the gas supply. However, he said moving the fridge in was the responsibility of the project managers and he would come back when they put it in.

LK rang the joinery who built the kitchen and they argued it wasn't their job. She pointed out that the fridge was in the garage and not the kitchen because of them and somebody had to help us move it in. After arguing longer than it would have taken them to just do it, they relented and said they would come the next day.

So we were on track. Until the joinery cancelled and moved their visit back four days. And then didn't come that day. And didn't call.

And Pete didn't come when he said he would. And didn't call.

In the meantime, LK talked to the painters who told us we need to get the skirting boards (aka baseboards) put on before scheduling their dates. So I called Justin the builder who said he would send someone to measure on Monday. Of course, they came Tuesday. They measured and said they would call the next day to give a quote and time frame. But we still haven't heard from them.

And so now - a couple of weeks after holidays ended - we are waiting for the fridge and lights. The joinery said they will be here today so we may finally have a refrigerator in the kitchen. The electrician (whom I finally called) said he would call to let us know when he is coming. But he hasn't. And we don't know when we can get the painters in.

Oh well, it gives us enough time to go back and enjoy the photos we took of Sagrada Familia.

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