Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now We're Cooking with Gas

Yo Don! What's for breakfast?

Well, since you ask, this morning we're having a special brekkie: baked eggs with fresh basil sauce and parmesan accompanied by rashers of Tasmanian bacon, grilled panini with extra virgin olive oil and spinach with a dollop of vinegar made from Tasmanian apple cider. We are drinking a Virgin Mary with it, because even LK and I cannot justify vodka at 9:30 in the morning. (Well, we can, but we're trying not to.)

And even though I cooked it myself, I have one thing to say - Yummmm!

The breakfast feast is a celebration of two things:

First, a major piece of the renovation puzzle was finally put in place yesterday afternoon when Simon came by and connected our new stove to the gas supply. Actually, it was the stovetop since the oven is electric, but who's quibbling?

So today we had our first meal prepared in our new kitchen. (And no, I do not count Lean Cuisine in the microwave the last couple of nights.)

Since I am the designated breakfast cook, the honor of the first meal passed to me. I had decided eggs benedict would be a nice way to celebrate our new stove but LK had a better idea. She suggested baked eggs with basil sauce.

That started the second celebration - the survival of nearly all the herbs I had planted literally on the morning we left for our overseas trip. It's hard to take credit for gardening skills when you stick plants in a pot and leave them outside for seven weeks. I suspect the combination of sun alternating with wet weather here was much more of a factor.

As LK went to the deck to collect a handful of super-fragrant basil leaves. I decided I needed to put the new stove to the test, so I made the sauce, spinach and bacon on the stovetop, baked the eggs in the oven and put the panini under the grill. We have had our first official mess in the new kitchen, as well.

Anyhow, the house is coming together nicely. LK has done lots of work this week and I've done my bit by more or less staying out of her way.


PS I need to add that yesterday's post may have unearthed a hidden epidemic of cracked heels. I won't name names to protect people's privacy (although anyone writing a comment about it has pretty much thrown their privacy in the scrapheap), but I am discovering there are numerous heel fissures lurking among my readers.

I had thought I was one of only a handful (footful?) of sufferers, but now I think I may have unearthed a widespread condition. I now believe this should be turned into a charity. I see fund drives, TV marathons, an ad campaign ---  "If all the heel fissures in the world were laid end-to-end, it would crack the earth in half. Help us heal the heel. Now."

I considered calling it the Don Kennedy Foundation for the Cure of Cracks. But apparently the Komen folks are a bit touchy about that.

So, as a working name, I am calling it the Association for "Cracked Heal And Related Injuries Traumatizing Your Feet" Research, Analysis, Understanding and Discovery. (For short, that's the Association for CHARITY FRAUD). I will let you know how to donate once I set up the account.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Let me know when i can donate and what currency you prefer!