Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 31: Home Again

We are in Rutland now after a shorter drive than everyone predicted. (Everyone except Honor, our GPS, who nailed the time quite accurately.) We drove straight through and so there's not much to write about today.

Our tourism yesterday pretty much consisted of me saying things like "We had lots of barbecues in that park", "If I got off here, you could see where we used to live", "This is the exit for where I went to college," "This is the exit for the race track", etc etc.

We got a slight break from highway driving when Honor suggested we could save 5 minutes (!) off our trip by getting off the Thruway early. "Go for it," LK urged and we exited at Amsterdam and took secondary roads up through Ballston Spa and did not get on the Northway until just below Saratoga.

About the only thing I learned yesterday is that there are parks I had never heard of. We passed the Trieble Passive Recreation Area, which sounded a lot like the sort of recreation I prefer. Checked it out on the web and it turns out passive recreation areas are not giant grandstands where you can watch other people exercising. They are public lands with minimal needs for upkeep that typically encourage activities such as walking around or whatever. But you probably knew that already, didn't you?

Got to Rutland at 5. Checked in and went to my folks place for a catch-up and dinner. It was great to see them after a year, and it's the first time I've seen their new place which I like a lot.

And I learned the real value of blogs. My Mom picked up Johnny Walker Black so LK wouldn't suffer from Amber Alerts while visiting. And she checked my posts to make sure she got the right spirits for me. (They were.)

In town for a week. More Vermont Life in this week's posts.

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