Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 32: The Wii Man Syndrome

There has been a third person along for this trip whom I haven't mentioned. Let me introduce you to my personal trainer, the Wii man who puts me through my paces during my exercise workouts.

He doesn't have a name, although Sandy suggested I should give him one. If anyone has any suggestions, I will be glad to consider them. Let me tell you a little bit about him.

He speaks in a very nice British accent. Some days he wears his hair in a very small ponytail, and other days he doesn't. I can't figure out why. He is obviously very fit and flexible. You wouldn't believe how high in the air his tush gets during the Downward-facing Dog.

And at times he is also extremely encouraging, saying things like, "Your balance is excellent," while I am standing on one leg with my arms and the other leg wildly flaying to prevent me from falling into the TV.

Being gone from home for so long, I did not want to stop exercising, but obviously I couldn't take the Wii. So I taped the program one morning and now play it on my laptop. It's very odd some times.

For example, I will be trying for the 135th time to do the Tree pose and my right leg will decide it was not meant to support this enormous load all on its own. The hip and thigh start to vibrate ever so softly, and the Tree that is me starts to bend in the breeze.

And even though this is a recording, and my Wii man is not actually monitoring today's performance, he says at precisely the right time, "You're a little unsteady. That's not good for your back."

Of course, the recording is not always spot on. I can do really lazy torso twists for the next 30 days, and I know that my Wii man will always say, "Those were excellent twists. Keep on doing them to firm up your waist." (Which also shows that he cannot really see out from inside the screen, because that waist hasn't been firmed up since I was 35.)

Which is a long, roundabout way of getting to why this site looks slightly different today. Yesterday, I was finishing my Wii regime and thought I would use the Mii (my Wii character) instead of the Lynch Kennedy picture that has been on this blog since the beginning.

It was easy enough to replace the picture in my profile, but for some reason doing that stopped the blog template from including the "About Me" info and pic. Not such a big deal to my 9 loyal readers, but if someone accidentally stumbled upon it, I thought they might like a sense of what it's all about.

Anyhow, after many many tries, I gave up and patched up as well I could. I put the "about" words under the title and put the original picture back in case the Wii Don was the problem. This is it, and LK said it's just as well I didn't use it for the blog because it doesn't look so much like I'm a boxer as an old bald guy in red underpants. I just like it because it makes me look slim.

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