Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 33: Rutland Days

Fanmail from Jason yesterday: "It appears that you've been having the quintessential America road trip. Drinking, driving, partying...wait where's the fighting. I want to see a nice bruised photo from a bar fight in Rutland on 4Q."

Well Jay, it's kind of sad that you've chosen to see our trip that way. It's actually been very educational and extremely laid back. What you see as drinking, driving and partying are just interludes between the learning experiences. (OK, I'm lying, but we have learned about a few new things along the way.)

As for fighting, if you don't count your mother's arguments with Honor the GPS, there haven't been many occasions for a fight. Besides, in the week marking the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, we're all peace, love and happiness. This road trip is more "Harry and Tonto" (without the cat) than Easy Rider.

Take yesterday, for example. It was a big day. My folks traded in their 9-year-old car for a snazzy apple-red Ford Escape, making them the owners of the sexiest vehicle at The Maples, where they live. I intended to chronicle the changing of the car keys ceremony, but became so absorbed in listening to the instructions on how to make the wipers change speeds on the intermittent setting that I forgot to take pictures. Oh well.

And yesterday Linda discovered the joys of Bob and Deb's swimming pool. She likes to sun herself, and a little exercise in the pool is always a good thing, I thought, as I dropped her off there before joining my parents on their way to the car dealership.

I returned at about 12:30 to find LK, Bob and Deb sitting around the table on the deck finishing off what turns out to have been their second round of Bloody Marys. I hate it when they start the party without me, especially when they all say they're not having any more. I especially hate that dilemma of drinking alone to catch up or knowing they're having a better time than I am. In the end, I decided to be noble and take the high road, forgetting that it would not impress any of them.

After a break back to the room to shower and dress, we returned to Bob and Deb's for some drinks and nibblies and then to Mom and Dad's for pot roast and fresh corn. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying being here during the peak season for sweet corn. They simply do not grow this kind of corn in Oz, and it is one of the best foods I know of. Even my father loves it, and just on a general principle, he avoids vegetables as if they were poison.

Having overeaten - again - I had no desire to do anything but chill out after dinner. So we were back in the room fairly early to end what was yet another fight-free but good day. Even the Red Sox cooperated by winning a game to move back into a playoff spot.

Today promises to be good with more of the same pace. But in honor of road trip movies, I think I will swing by my favorite sandwich shop here for lunch. It's named "Thelma and Louise".

Then tonight Ben arrives from Florida, which will be great. And his grandmother has already started the spaghetti and meatballs dinner to celebrate his arrival. Hmmm, if I keep up this pace I'm going to have more XXs on my clothing labels than a porn movie ad.

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