Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 48: Hasta la Vista, Baby

No, I didn't accidentally push 2 for Espanol. I just thought it is a fitting headline to end our US Road Trip by having an American living in Australia quote the Spanish line made famous by the Austrian-born governor of California.

In any language, it is time to say "See you later". We've driven from the proverbial sea to shining sea and are flying out of the US later this evening. We arrived three weeks after Michael Jackson died, and they still won't bury Michael until later tonight. I suspect the ratings are better in September than July or August.

We have logged 4,810 miles (7,741 km) in 48 days across 19 states. We stayed in 14 hotels, mooched off of numerous family and friends, listened to more than 100 hours of oldies on satellite radio (and still no Patti Page!). We've recorded 137 amber alerts, tried martinis in 11 different states and learned tequila looks like but doesn't taste like vodka.

We've eaten at McDonald's twice and chosen not to ever eat at McDonald's again twice. We discovered that even Applebee's has a Happy Hour when we're around and that Chili's $20 meal deal gives you more food than the Applebee $20 meal deal. But the one at Chili's definitely has longer-term consequences. Much longer.

We have developed a whole dictionary of phrases that will make us laugh - even if no one around us knows why. So if you ever see either of us in a bad mood, please cheer us up by saying one of the following:
  • moose and squirrel
  • amber alert
  • I'll give you 20
  • thank you, Christian
  • I didn't ask
And we have seen so many people we care so much about. So good-bye for this time to Robert, Jaki, Cathy, Steve, Beth, Marne, Jo, Phyllis, Peg, Sandy, Dave, Jordan, Chris, Ben, Red, Norma, Bob, Deb, Brenda, Frenchie, Jean, Walt, Terry, Jeff, Kelly, Mark, Christian (1 and 2), Zoey, and David.

And while today marks the end of our American road trip, we aren't done yet. A certain love of my life looked around our standard room in the Cambridge Hampton Inn Tuesday night and wistfully recalled our pre-retirement days of expense account stays at 5-star hotels across the river. "I'm ready for a little luxury," she said.

OK. Next post from Athens and then a cruise of the Adriatic.

In the meantime, amber alert.

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Anonymous said...

Until we meet again, signed Roy and Dale no I mean Jaki and Robert