Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 51: Greek Treats

We're checking out of the hotel and getting on board our cruise ship today, so a quick post.

I am over my jet lag, but poor LK is sleeping at all the wrong times and trying to find things to do at 4am. I think the ship will be perfect for her because a good afternoon lie-down is almost a given, anyhow.

Last night we went to a very good restaurant called Agroteka. It is not on the tourist routes, and the woman at the front desk correctly figured out that we would enjoy a restaurant that the locals loved. We had extremely generous starters of grilled octopus and homemade sausages with lemon-roasted potatoes. (Actually, the real starter was a free shot of booze - not sure what it is - but how can I not like a restaurant that starts you out with shooters on the house!)

Main course was roast pork with three-cheese sauce (nowhere near as good as the starters) and grilled lamb chops, all of it washed down with a very different sort of organic rose from the Pelopennese region. LK even tried dessert, which was a milk pie which was definitely not like mother used to make since she'd never heard of it in her life. It was OK but nothing to ask for the recipe.

So this morning, I reminded her that she had told the restaurateur in Cambridge that his was the second best restaurant of our trip. (I believe she thought winning silver would please him. It did not appear to.)

This morning I asked her where last night's restaurant rated. She said in the top 5 of the trip, but that it did not threaten our No 1, which was Rio Tomatlan in Canandaigua. I see on Facebook that Sandy and Dave went back there last night. We would have been jealous if Agroteka hadn't been so good. And in Greece.

Anyhow, if it sounds like about all we did here was sleep at odd hours, have a brief wander around and eat, you would be about right. That sure seems like good preparation for the cruise that starts in a few hours.

PS Not sure about connections and rates aboard the ship, so the blog may be a little irregular for the next ten days. But I will try to get something up as much as possible.

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