Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Worries, Mate

All my life I have put off till tomorrow everything I possibly could. But in preparing for our long trip, LK and I actually did some things right.

I went to the Greenwich Newsagency and paid the total amount owing. I then asked them to cancel all deliveries until I told them to restart them because I was not going to be home. No worries, he said.

On the same day I called up Ageless Gardens, the people who mow our lawn and tend to the garden. I told them I wanted them to continue to do the lawn while we were away, but that I wouldn't receive any of their bills. Could they instead e-mail them to me so I could pay online from overseas. No worries, they said, and they took my e-mail details promising to send them to me.

LK also talked with Boulter and Partners, the accountants who handle her company's taxes and filings. She explained that she needed to pay any taxes due before we left on the 17th of July. No worries, she was told. Everything is well in hand and nothing would come due before we returned.

We went through a pile of mail last night and this morning.

We are sixty days past due for part of our Greenwich Newsagency bill, since they continued delivering them throughout our holiday.

We are getting overdue notices from Ageless Gardens. The notices are pink, designed I am sure to let the postman know we're deadbeats and not because they thought they thought it would be nicer for us if the third notice were on colored paper.

And, of course, LK now owes several hundred dollars in penalties for not paying the taxes due in late July.

In this blog I don't normally give names when I write about somebody stuffing up. But this morning, I just thought to myself, "No worries, mate."

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