Thursday, February 11, 2010

About Last Night

Oh dear. Who would have thought having other people do the heavy work could be so tiring?

With our typically impeccable planning and preparation, we had to set the alarm for 5am in order to get some of the stuff done we meant to do last night before cocktail hour and fatigue set in.

By the time the packers arrived at 8:30, LK had a bit more to do but we were basically done. So we plugged in our brand new wireless broadband cards, sat on the back deck and looked up occasionally when the packers told us something was chipped/broken/damaged and they didn't want any grief about them having caused it. My two great adventures today involved getting in the car (the air conditioned car!) and 1) running out to get kebabs for lunch and 2) going to the tip one more time.

It was nice when we first sat out back, but slowly the day turned unbearably hot sitting under the pergola. But this really was a case of nowhere else to go, so we sweated for the good of the team. Let's just say that by 4 I was really looking forward to making one final drive over to the waste management center. It may not smell good but at least it was cooler than our back porch.

Anyhow, not much more to write about. Thought you might like to see what the place looks like on our last night here. Oh, and you should ignore LK making fun of my poor choice of words:

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