Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Windy City

"Why would you want to move to Hobart where it's so cold?" many of our friends in Sydney asked.

"The winds will drive you crazy," warned my friend John (who probably isn't my friend anymore since I forgot to call him before we left Sydney).

We laughed at them. And now we are in Hobart where it's cool and the winds are always blowing.

But it's not bad, believe me. When I say cool I mean in the 60s and the winds are really only strong when you are either A) down near the water or B) up high in the mountains, both of which we did yesterday.

I see on the Internet that Sydney had its hottest night in 13 years yesterday. Which prompts me to ask the question, "Why would anyone want to live in such an uncomfortable city? And don't you wish the winds - FROM TASMANIA - would arrive quickly to cool the place down?"

We're doing the tourist thing in our new hometown this week. We cannot get into our house until they find a facility for our elderly tenant, and so we're in a hotel down near the waterfront.

Yesterday we drove the winding road along the waterfront from the city to Kingston Beach to show Robert and Jaki the landscape at our new home. We watched some kids learning surf lifesaving on the beach and then within a few miles we were high in the heavily wooded hills going to Huonville. Stopped to show them Sleeping Beauty Mountain, and just about got blown over.

Back to town for a couple of hours of laziness before walking down to Mure's for a great seafood dinner last night.

Today we will check out the Cascade Brewery tour and inspect our house in Kingston Beach to get Robert's ideas about renovating it once we have possession again.

The sun is shining. The temperature is going up to the 70s. And we're loving it.

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