Friday, February 12, 2010

Bye-bye Greenwich

We are officially homeless as of 11:58 this morning. Of course we are also officially debt-free, so I guess it evens out, but by selling our Sydney house before our tenant has vacated the Hobart house we will just have to cope with the burden of No Fixed Address.

We were up early again this morning to do one last lot of chores before the new packer came in at 7 to do what wasn't done yesterday. And all (stinking hot) day the movers have been lugging our stuff to the truck.

They expected to be done by 4. It's 4. They're not done.

Not our worry, but if they start flinging stuff into the truck just to finish the week off, it may be.

Our major job was to sit around and sweat as the temperatures again soared. Not that it was unpleasant, but at one stage I believe my body odor actually offended the moving guys. I know LK wasn't eager for any closeness until I showered.

Davy dropped an email asking how the move was going. LK told him OK. I would have sent him this picture, but either way we are at Shirley's tonight and sleeping in tomorrow.

Bye-bye Greenwich.

On to the next stage of our lives.

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