Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Monday (Oz Time)

Running out of time to get ready for the move, so I did what comes naturally. I watched the Super Bowl until 1:30. Then with the sun breaking through, Sydney was looking good for the first time in a week so we all jumped into a taxi to Circular Quay for a harbor cruise. When that ended at 6, we walked through the Rocks up to Lord Nelson - a fun pub that makes its own beer. Obviously by the time we got home at 7:15, it was too late to do any preparation for the move since we were well into cocktail hour and a lovely sunset was on display out on the deck.

Oh well, we'll get it done.

And if we don't, we will be spending months wishing we hadn't packed this or that but really none of it is a big deal. We are committed to not getting too worked up about whatever happens during this move.

While sitting on the deck last night, I made a list of the errands to run today and it all looks manageable - really lots of little things rather a couple of major things. And by outsourcing the packing and cleaning, most of our remaining chores are more organizing than hard labor.

So a quick post and on to our last Tuesday here. Packers are in Thursday and they load on Friday.

PS I had saved this great link from the Wall Street Journal about football, figuring I would post about the Super Bowl. Since I am not going to do that now, I still recommend the story. It's another great bit of research that has been conducted.

They have analyzed NFL games on television, and discovered that the 3+ hour shows feature no more than 11 minutes of action when the ball is actually in play (from when it is hiked to when the official blows the play dead). In fact, on TV replays take up half again as much time as live play, and there is six times more time spent on shots of players and coaches just standing around as there is on real action.

And of course, far more time spent is showing commercials than anything else. Really quite interesting to read the story, but it does boggle my mind that this whole game boils down to less than 12 minutes of actually playing football.

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