Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back in the USSA

As in United Sports States of America!

We arrived in Newark in late evening on Saturday and crashed (us, not the plane) at the Airport Hotel. We were so tired that we poured a drink, took one sip and sent ourselves to bed without any supper. Then it was wide awake at 5am and really ready for the breakfast buffet to open up at 6:30.

Walt and Terry picked us up at 11 and we drove back to Freehold. And this being Sunday, it wasn't too long before Walt and I headed over to Jeff's house for an afternoon in his Man Cave watching football. And when you're here, it's not gridiron or American football. It's just football.

 I finally got out of the padded recliner with holes in the arm for my beer about six hours and 12 games later (Jeff is brilliant switching channels with the remote control).  He is also brilliant in feeding us sports buffs with shrimp and spicy cheese wrapped in bacon, pigs in a blanket with spicy mustard and later a couple of pizzas. And just a few beers to wash it all down.

I think it only took one afternoon to undo all the self-denial of the South Beach Diet leading up to our trip. And that was fine with me.

So, anyhow, back at Walt and Terry's for a couple of drinks and the usual round of stories, tales and political discussions. And then complete collapse by 11 as our early rising got the best of us.

So this time it's the NFL that ate my homework. Which is why I still have to write a post to wrap up the Jordan and some of the Egypt stuff we did in the past two weeks. But that can wait until tomorrow. I have put up quite a few pictures and you can see some of the shots taken at the Temple of Queen Hatshetsup near Luxor (every guide said it's easier to just say "hot chicken soup" real fast and not worry), a couple of snaps at the Dead Sea that don't feature swarms of flies, some of the ruins at Jerash and lastly at the Citadel high above Amman.

They are all at our travel photo site here. And those of you who are new to social media might note that our friend Judy keeps making us feel warm and fuzzy by commenting so nicely on the pictures - which you are also all welcome to do there and also on these posts.

It's good to be back with friends and (soon) family. And there's no better time than this to be with them.

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