Sunday, November 21, 2010


We're in heaven.

Actually, we're in Luxor, but the hotel has good Internet connectivity and it feels like heaven. We've taken a long bus ride here to check out the Temple of Karnak, and tomorrow we go to the Valley of the Kings to see some tombs - including Tutankhamen's.

And best of all, we've been able to upload more of our pictures. They're at our travel site which is here.

While the people on our tour may be getting under our skins a wee bit (OK, a big bit), the places we've been visiting have not let us down in the least. This Temple in Luxor is really mind-boggling in its scope. It is huge, and so much of it remains after such a long time that it really does make me wonder how we have ended up in our "enlightened" age with planned obsolescence built into so much of what we create.

But that sounds grumpy, and I'm not. Well, OK, maybe I am a little, but not about this trip. Well, OK, maybe a little about this trip, but not this place.

I keep trying to figure out how people have survived into their golden years with absolutely no awareness that it is dangerous to stop suddenly in a crowd and just stare around.  And when will these retired guys learn that they aren't the bosses anymore and no one cares whether they have A) an observation or B) a better idea?

Oh dear, that does sound grumpy. Unfortunately there is no avoiding the people who are starting to prove irksome. They're on our ship; they're in the dining room; they're on the bus; they're the ones slamming on the brakes as we walk through narrow spaces and just about tear our calf muscles trying not to fall into them.

The very good news is that it's quite easy to put them right out of our minds once we start looking at the artefacts of Egypt. Those are everything they were touted to be.

Just a couple days more here in Egypt, then a few days in Jordan before flying to the US. The trip is going too fast, even if the ladies in front of me aren't.

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