Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Valley

Yesterday we played Indiana Jones and raided several tombs in he Valley of the Kings. OK. We stood in long lines and shuffled slowly through four tombs.

And any raiding of these tombs happened long ago. Nonetheless, it was fascinating to see these monuments that long-ago rulers had built for themselves. And make no mistake. When it came to glorifying themselves, these guys followed the advice of the King of the 20th Century and were seriously taking care of business.

Except maybe for King Tut. His mummy is shrivelled and black and all I could think was that it was good he had lots of gold with him or none of the chicks he met inthe afterlife would come within 5 yards of him.

They do not allow cameras in the Valley so you will have to take my word for it.

There is more to tell but I will save for later. I have discovered that I can get free Internet on my Kindle and experimented with this post. (But not before checking that the Patriots beat the Colts. Hurrah!)

But typing on the Kindle's mini-micro keyboard is killing my thumbs. I may never be able to hitchhike again. And I hope that explains why I am definitely not fixing any errors.

A lazy day in Sharm el-Sheikh today then overnight to Aqaba where we disembark to drive to Petra and lastly Amman Jordan.

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