Friday, November 19, 2010

Out of Touch

Well, if there's any place that should make you feel like the good old days, I guess Egypt would be it. Today we are in Ein al Sakhra on the Red Sea. But it feels more like we're in Communicado. (Sorry. Really.)

We are having a great time on the trip and seeing some interesting stuff. Unfortunately, there isn't much way to share it with you. The Internet connection on the ship is slow, very slow - in fact, the slowest I have used since the old days when you plugged your PC into a phone jack. So we wouldn't feel bad, though, the ship has given us what may be the most expensive Internet connection available. I am conscious that every time I think about changing a sentence so it, oh, makes sense, the cash register is going ka-ching.

So briefly - we saw the awesome pyramids at Giza (and the famous Sphinx). It is great when these sorts of things live up to your expectation - and they did. Huge buildings that have lasted longer than just about anything else man has ever made and all filled with exquisite, ornate craftsmanship done at a time when the British Isles were populated by guys who danced around big slabs of rock that they'd stood on end in a circle.

Today we saw the Christian monastery of St Anthony in the very arid mountains just to the west of the Red Sea. It's about 1700 years old, but still has more than 100 monks living, praying and working there. All the monks and nuns take the last name of Anthony in honor of the hermit who founded the monastery, and they now have churches in the UK, Australia and America. Makes me wonder if Julie or Carmelo might be quiet members. I am pretty sure Little Anthony is not.

So, we have lots of pix but can't upload them for a while. And who knows when the next post will be? Probably in two days when we actually check into a hotel - but then that assumes the hotel will have internet access. If it does, I promise lots more details.

Oh well, that's the quick version. And I typed real fast so it only cost about $4.

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