Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lights. Cameras. Inaction.

If you've read this blog more than a week, you have a pretty good sense that I am a procrastinator. But even if this is your first visit here, you will have a pretty good idea of my capacity for delaying after I tell about, for the first time ever, editing a movie I recorded - and what went into accomplishing that.

Yesterday I attached to the desktop PC the drive that lets you record DVDs. The receipt was in the box, so I can tell you with certainty that the drive has been sitting in the box waiting to be hooked up since November 28. (And hooking up, by the way, consisted of plugging it in.) That's only a little over six months, and I have lots of things that have been around for years and never been used, so by my standards that is only just barely procrastination. However, it is long enough that I really do not want to know what it is selling for now, rather than four weeks before Christmas.

I connected the drive to the PC so I could copy a movie I recorded onto the Macbook where I could edit it. The movie was made in late June, so now we're getting into a time range that earns me a much higher place in the Procrastinators Club. (Oh, and some of you may even recall that in September I wrote a post in which I set as a one of my goals learning how to make a DVD of movies we had taken on our video camera.)

And my place in the Procrastinators Club is definitely secure when I tell you one more thing. The movie is one I made of Lily having a conversation with her great-grandmother Peg on the first week they had met. And I had bought the DVD drive in order to edit the footage and make a Christmas present for Peg. That's Christmas as in last Christmas.

And what makes all of this even worse is that I must confess I was not motivated to finally get around to editing this movie out of guilt for not doing it for Peg. As much as I love my mother-in-law, she should know that I have trained myself not to feel guilty about not doing things promptly. If further proof is required, my mother and father can testify to this. And don't even think about bringing Linda into that conversation.

No, what got me to start in on this project yesterday was that I wanted to let everyone see Jason and Laura's interpretive dance at their wedding. And I thought it might be nice to do it before their third or fourth anniversary. Somehow it really did not seem appropriate to let that recording jump the queue ahead of the Lily and Peg movie, so anyhow that's how it happened.

And so, for your viewing pleasure you are cordially invited to visit this link at YouTube to watch Lily and Peg, the Movie. Bonus points to any Americans who understand everything Lily says.

As for the movie of Jason and Laura's interpretive dance? Well, as the old song goes, manana is good enough for me.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, Peg.

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