Friday, June 5, 2009

Modern Dance

I love surprises.

I was surprised this morning when my Wii told me I lost 5 pounds since yesterday. Hmm, I thought, it must be that new diet wine I've been drinking at night. Then the Wii told me I had perfect balance, and it said my WiiFit age is 29.

What a surprise. I never expected it to malfunction so soon.

And in the spirit of surprises, I thought I would shock and awe all of you by actually doing today what I said I was going to do today. That's right, the famous Interpretive Dance from the entertainment and sporting spectacular known as Jason and Laura's Wedding is now available on YouTube. This is the link.

I had remembered the dance as being somewhat longer than it actually is. In fact, it lasts less than 30 seconds - which is good because yesterday I discovered that my wonderful Internet service can make a 4-minute film take more than 3 hours to upload to YouTube.

Anyhow, enjoy the dance. Don't forget to register your thoughts by voting in the survey in the top left of this page and a special prize to anyone who can figure out just exactly what it is they are interpreting. Just leave your answer in the comments or email me.

P.S. Mom and Dad, you can watch this one because there isn't any music or words you need to hear. (For the rest of you, my parents' PCs have gone all quiet. My mother's computer doesn't have the speakers attached, and my father's did but apparently the wire is loose. If any of you are thinking you see a family resemblance, just keep it to yourselves.)

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