Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bride Wore Black - And Red

I'm getting married in the morning.
Ding dong, the bells are going to chime.
Feather and tar me, but don't use the army,
And get me to the bowling alley on time.
Get me to the bowling alley on time!

kinda like the lyrics of Allen Jay Lerner

Yep, it happened today. The world got a new Mrs Kennedy and we didn't lose a son, but gained a daughter.

Jason and Laura were married this afternoon and it is a banner day for the family. The vows were exchanged next to the ball return rack between Lanes One and Two at Tenpin City bowling alley.

All my life I've seen footage of people getting married at ball games, in hot-air balloons, even under water wearing scuba gear. Always wondered what it was like to be part of one of these non-traditional weddings. Now I know. It was fun, and it totally matched the personalities of the bride and groom - who looked fantastic in their monogrammed red-and-black bowling shirts.

It certainly didn't have the normal feel of a wedding because Jason and Laura exchanged personal vows two years ago today. They thought of themselves as husband and wife from that day, and so did we. So today seemed more like an exclamation point than an entirely new sentence. A short ceremony legalized their bonds; the celebrant explained that marriage was for life; the kids chose to perform an interpretive dance rather than a reading or a poem; then they exchanged vows and signed the documents.

It mixed love, a great sense of fun, a strong streak of independent thinking and bravery. Believe me, knowing a video camera was running and still doing the interpretive dance in a public place was brave.

Then we bowled. Or, to be more precise, the others bowled and I found out that my tenpin mojo had grown wings and flown away. But not before my lower back and fingers all made me feel like I was closer to being 100-years-old than 20. Oh, that's right. I am.

Didn't matter, it was fun being with our family and meeting Laura's in such a casual setting.

One slightly awkward moment - Jason asked Lily what she thought of the interpretive dance he and Laura had done. She thought for a microsecond before showing the makings of a great politician who can field any curly question by deflecting blame. "Well, Bampy said it was pretty dodgy," she told him.

Anyhow, We just got back tonight, and I will post some pix tomorrow on Shutterfly so check back later on today for the address. And if you're really nice to me, I will finally figure out how to edit video and upload it on YouTube. I think you'd all like to check out the interpretive dance yourselves.

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