Friday, May 29, 2009


In a week in which I had so much fun and so many good things happened, I awoke this morning to find an e-mail telling me a friend had passed away. It was expected and probably a blessing all around, but that still doesn't stop the air from being sucked out of you when you read it.

She had been in a horrific car accident last October and never awoke from a coma. She started out as just a corporate wife in the company, someone we saw at annual meetings and such. But over the years we became friends, shared lots of time together - even had some holiday time together.

I will always remember that whenever she came to Sydney she would bring Lily a gift - not the "I am going to impress you with a gift for your grandchild" type of present, but little stuff that kids like - activity books, little toys, even introducing Lily to the joys of filling in the blanks in MadLibs.

We will miss her, and it's sad to think we will never see her again.

I know this blog is usually silly stuff but it is also a diary of my retirement. So I wanted to record this unhappy moment, but not much more to write about today.

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