Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Double Century

Welcome to my 200th post. This blog started on August 4th last year with no idea if I would bother to keep it up or not. But thanks to my loyal fans - and the four of you know who you are - I have surprised myself by managing to write 200 posts since then.

Along the way I have learned a few things. Most notable, though, is that lots of guys cross their arms when they have their picture taken. I am not sure about Robert, Jorge and Ian, but I cross my arms in the vain hope that they will mask my industrial-sized love handles. The ledge from my belly also is a convenient place to rest my arms and take the strain of my very long arms off my shoulders.

But back to writing 200 posts. . . It may not seem like such an accomplishment to most people, but for me it is. I am a procrastinator by nature, which is a nice way of calling myself pretty lazy. Yet in my retirement I have doggedly stuck to two things - writing this blog and exercising. Most of the rest has been the abridged version of Great Expectations.

Which is all a roundabout way of telling you about the weight loss experiment. But first, a second run of the first picture I ever posted on this blog - my Mom and son Tom at my 60th birthday party in Rutland.


Testing the Heavy Drinkers Quick Weight Loss Program.
Log. Day Seven.

I continue the tests to determine the viability of losing weight by not drinking while eating and exercising as normally. Well, technically that's no longer true. Last night, frustrated by a week of very little weight loss, I reintroduced white wine into the diet to see what the impact would be.

These are this morning's measurements.

Body Mass Index. Down -1.5% from yesterday and -2.0% from seven days ago. It is the lowest BMI in the three months of measurement.

Weight. Down -4.4 pounds (-2kg) since yesterday. Down -6.4 pounds (-2.9kg) in seven days.

Conclusion: This is a very exciting development. After drinking only water for six days, last evening a miracle occurred as I turned water into wine. My weight and BMI plummeted. It is likely that my grateful body celebrated the return of alcohol to its bloodstream by having an internal beach party and burning a body-fat bonfire.

A satisfying conclusion to a difficult and challenging experiment.

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Anonymous said...

I only have my picture taken when i`m drunk, and when i`m drunk i think crossing ya arms looks cool.It doesn`t and i`m not!