Monday, July 6, 2009

Bowling with the Stars

I see where Madonna has chosen to honor Michael Jackson's memory by having someone dressed like him dance at her performance. And she and her dancers will all wear a single white glove to honor him during her finale.

That's nice.

I guess each of us has to find their own way to honor Michael. Since LK and I have only certain things we do that have great meaning in our life we decided to take a clue from Madonna and honor Michael, as well.

So we had him bowl with us on the Wii during our regular Sunday afternoon matches.

But since it seemed a bit odd to have Michael Jackson bowling against Bampy and Armagh, we figured we needed another late rock star. So we decided that the King (who would have been Michael's father-in-law had he survived) would bowl against the King of Pop.

But then we invited Shirl to come over, and we felt she needed to choose someone who's now singing with the band in heaven. She chose Karen Carpenter.

So last night we had a bowling match where LK bowled for Michael, I bowled for Elvis and Shirl bowled for Karen. Perhaps it was just LK's competitiveness, or perhaps Michael was moonwalking on the lanes in heaven, but he easily beat Elvis in the first two games. Unfortunately, Shirl had some troubles figuring out where to stand and how to "throw" the ball on the Wii, and most of Karen's efforts looked -- well, they looked anemic, which was probably appropriate.

Anyhow, in the third and final game Michael started missing spares, and Elvis looked set for his first win. But, in an upset that would have drug inspectors taking samples, Karen suddenly learned how to throw strikes and squeezed a 5-pin win in the 10th frame.

So, in the first Dead Rock Star Memorial Tournament, the results are: Michael 2, Karen 1, and - sadly - Elvis 0. But I'll say it anyways. "Thank you, ma'am."

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