Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen Patrol

Dear Caroline,

Sorry I couldn't finish yesterday's letter but Davy and Jeff came by for dinner. Throughout the day, LK told me she felt mean because she didn't feel she was cooking enough for everyone. So last night she only roasted two chickens for the four of us.

Judging by the mashed potatoes I put in the fridge at the end of the night, I suspect she cooked seven or eight. And there was plenty of zucchini, green salad and peas left for today's lunch. I am starting to think my physique may be a testament to Linda's sense of portion control.

Anyhow, since I am talking about the kitchen, - and speaking of portion control - these are the things you need to know while you are house sitting. First, you will find two sets of carving knives in the corner to the right of the sink. If these aren't enough, there is another set in the cupboard by the clothes dryer.

There are wine glasses in the cupboard on the left, as well as the cupboard on the right. And there are lots of wine glasses in the cupboard in the hallway. The cupboard on the left also has plates. If you don't like that pattern, there are three sets in the cupboard in the hallway. Or you could use one of the three sets in the hutch in the dining room.

If you need a collander, there are two that LK leaves out by the sink, but there are five more in the right-hand cupboard of the island next to the table. Right next to those are about 10 cheese graters. These come in really handy when you need to grate a dozen different varieties of cheese for a dish.

I know LK tried to teach you the order of the utensils in the drawers to the right of the oven. There is a section for big spoons, a section for slotted spoons, one for peelers, one for things that pick, one for things you use for garlic and several others. Don't worry about getting it right. I haven't after 25 years, and it gives her something to say to me when I put the lemon juicer thing next to the pickle picker.

I will add that if her system makes sense to you, you should not let me know because I will never let the two of you alone together again.

Oh, I should add that there are some useful things in their little sections far in the back of the drawer, so don't give up hunting for whatever you need. Chances are if it exists, it's somewhere in Linda's kitchen.

The garbage bags and storage bags are in the third drawer, and there are at least three more of everything in the laundry room cupboards.

The cleaning stuff is under the sink. I think there's two or three of everything, except perhaps for the dishwashing liquid which is the only one you will probably want. I showed you how to start the dishwasher, but remember that the bottom rack is broken and you have to put a dish in the front to balance the ones in the back or it kind of flips up.

Oh, and one other thing about the kitchen. The toaster is under the knife rack. It works perfectly if you want your toast brown on both sides, but it's not very good anymore if you want one-side-soft toast.

I have to get back to the work project I foolishly ageed to do. So tomorrow I will cover off the rest of the house.



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