Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lazy Days

It's been a hot, lazy day with Robert and Jaki here in Colusa. I will post about it tomorrow, but I've just uploaded two sets of photos and I thought I would write this post so anyone who is interested can check them out.

First, Jaki has an amazing, world-class garden, and Robert has added a small English garden on one side and a small Japanese garden on the other. Unbelievable stuff - especially when you consider that this area has been running at about 100F all summer and gets virtually no rain. The pictures can be seen here.

Second, Robert is to handyman as Don is to klutz. He has a garage he calls the Toy Box, and I think there are hardware stores that have fewer tools than he does. I could not believe it so I took some pictures to show you. They're here.

And I will tell you the range of tools he has. The screw came out of my reading glasses, and I guilt-tripped him into fixing them for me. I knew he would have a micro-small screwdriver, which of course he did - both straight and phillips head. But the screw was so extremely tiny that he then went into the Toy Box and brought out a little square device that magnetizes the screw driver so you can put the screw in the hole. And when you're done, it demagnetizes it.

And to think I couldn't take the toaster apart!


Anonymous said...

I think I have tool envy

Anonymous said...

I cant see any sign of the diving suit and helmet?